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Quotes from mothers

Messages from mothers

  • I am really happy that you hold a such space (workshop). I look forward to attending every month.
  • I would like to thank all of the staff. I feel so content (after the workshop). Thank you very much. I would like to attend again!
  • Please continue (your workshop).
  • I was really surprised that there were so many attendees.
  • I don’t talk much to people when I am at the temporary housing, so it was great fun.
  • Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be friends with mothers with babies about the same age as mine. Would be even happier if you could hold the workshop about twice a month.
  • Once I have my baby, I will attend with my friend. I really hope you will continue to have it next year too.
  • This is my second attendance but I am so happy to have a place where I can feel very comfortable and relaxed. It was such a precious time to obtain advice from the midwives on parenting and to be able to feel motivated and positive. Hand massages and hand made sweets were a monthly luxury for me as my everyday life is very hectic. I look forward to your workshop next month.

Messages from staff

Mums and mums-to-be in Kisen, how are you all?
Your hometown has changed a lot… but we all know that you are working really hard as a parent and so we would really like to support you!
Our “Mama Salon” (Workshop) is a place where you can meet other people feeling the same as you, so please come and join us.
We also welcome volunteers to play with the babies.
From the staff representative: Reiko Ito (Ofunato).

I have attended your workshop for the first time. It was so lovely to be surrounded by many mothers and babies in this day and age when there are increasing number of elderly people with decreasing number of children in our population.
I was not able to give any direct help or guidance to the mothers as I do not have the experience of bringing up children myself but through having a coffee together and through hearing about the disaster, I felt all the effort the mothers are making to bring up their children despite their current living conditions very well.
I felt that even without being a victim of such a disaster, workshop like this holds a great importance in society. I also felt that it is important to pass this experience to other places too.
I look forward to your work from now on and send my support from Kobe.
With prayer and thanks

I was really glad to have joined your workshop. I was very nervous at the beginning but it reminded me of the time when I had my baby. I am now really looking forward to it every month.
From a volunteer: Kumiko Sasaki

This is my second attendance at the workshop. I get a little nervous holding a baby as I have not done it for a long time but really enjoy meeting such sweet babies. It really remind me of the time when I used to have my own.
From a volunteer: Kumiko Imai

The effort of the local midwives made such a wonderful gathering place for mothers into a reality. From June, we will also begin “Visiting Kosodate-ship”.
I will work hard with the local midwives so that you feel happy at the end of your visit, that you were able to talk and get some support from us.
If you would like us to visit you, we will begin our visits from June, so do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.
From a midwife: Hiroko Watanabe (Tokyo)

Thank you for having me in your workshops. As a midwife, as well as a person, I learnt a lot working here.
I truly hope that mothers and the babies are able to have some fun, however little, through these workshops.
From a midwife: Masako Yamamoto (Tokyo)