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About our support

What do you do at the workshop?

All expectant mothers, babies under a year of age and his/her families are welcome at our workshop. During the workshop, our experienced midwives and public health nurses will be there to answer your questions and problems related to breastfeeding and parenting. It is also a great space to socialise with other parents and babies.
You are free to come and go at any time during the workshop hours but during the lunchtime, we will provide a light lunch so we hope you can join us and relax with others on our large tatami mat, eating and chatting!
We look forward to seeing you.

Distribution of Aid Goods

We distribute the aid goods we receive from the rest of the country for expectant mothers and mothers with babies and/or young children. The amount and content of the goods varies as it depends on transport and availability.

Relaxation for mothers and babies

As a part of emotional care, our midwives give hand massages to the mothers and give guidance on baby massage to the mothers during the workshop.
We hope you will be able to enjoy and take some relaxation home too.

(Please note: Hand massage is given at every workshop but baby massage depends on the availability of staff on the day of workshop.)

Snack and Lunch

We provide some snacks during the workshop so that you can relax and chat away with our staff and other mums over a cup of tea (some snacks are home made by volunteers!). At lunchtime, there will be some light lunch to share too so we hope you can come and join us!

Parenting etc.

Infants grow by the day and it is one of the most joyous time of parenting, but it is also a time full of uncertainties as they change and develop so fast.